Red Cross was established in 1863 in Geneva, Switzerland. The Father of the Red Cross Movement and recipient of the Nobel Award for peace in 1901 was Jean Henry Dunant. Each generation passes on the torch of development to the next. Hence, it becomes a challenge for the present generation to groom the future of tomorrow and that is the youth.

Youth Red Cross is a group movement organized for students in colleges.

    Youth Red Cross is a platform where youth can exhibit their talent, skills, knowledge, ability towards the welfare of the people and primarily Youth Red Cross focuses on health, service and friendship. The Youth Red Cross Unit of our college is committed to enhancing the service mentality among the students in areas related to health and human care.


 To conduct social and health awareness programmes.

 To spread awareness on the care of their own health and that of others.

 To encourage the students to extend their humanitarian services to society.

 To offer First Aid Training to all the YRC volunteers.

 To develop leadership quality among the students.

 To inculcate the understanding and acceptance of civic responsibilities and acting accordingly with humanitarian concern, and to fulfill the same.

 To offer First Aid Training to all the YRC volunteers.

 To understand and acceptance of civic and human responsibilities

 Some Activities of Youth Red Cross Units

  • Promotion of health, awareness about HIV/AIDS.
  • Awareness campaign on hazards of drug addiction.
  • Awareness about health programs, service to others.
  • Providing first aid for wounded/sick, relief work during emergencies.
  • Understanding and accepting of civil responsibilities.
  • Communal harmony, literacy campaign/youth exchange programme.


Youth Red Cross Activities 2021-22

1. Youth Red Cross Inauguration.

2. Aptha Rakshaka, CPR Programme in association with NSS.

3. Fire and Safety Activity in association with NSS.

4. Covid Vaccination Survey in association with NSS.

5. Blood Donation Camp.