IT Association – ALOHA

Computer Science Association “ALOHA” was instituted in the college during the year 2021. The primary focus of the association is to familiarize the students with the depth of the core subject and its various branches to guide them to choose their careers to build upon. Also, the association aims to build the potential ideas of the technology and become a good builder in the world of IT. Students have actively participated in various competitions organized by the association so far.

Association was named ALOHA after the discussion of the meeting held with the convener and student convenor. It’s so much more than just a word. Aloha is a form of greeting, to say hello, welcome. The Hawaiian word “alo” means “presence” or “share” and the word “ha” means “breath of life” or “essence of life”. But at the same time, it’s something that you share, something that is spread to those around you, sharing that energy and joy that is within you. Technology is the field where we can witness new ideas emerging now and then. Our association also looks forward to making the students get things on the new world technology and became an expert in the IT Field.

So as the word only describes it all, let us all begin with hope and a great spirit.


  • To involve the students in the activities in IT.
  • To impart the technical knowledge to the students.
  • To boost the students to come up with new innovative ideas in IT.
  • To encourage and safeguard the healthy use of technology.
  • To suggest the best practices of engagement in Information Technology but not limiting to IT Enabled Services.


To promote scientific and educational activities toward the advancement of the common person’s life by improving the theory and practice of Computer Science and Information Technology and related arts and sciences.

Association Convenors

Staff Convener – Mr. Nithesh

Student Convenor – Ms. Kushi M. Y. (III-yr. BCA)

Student Co-Convenor – Ms. Ananya (II-yr. BCA)

Activities conducted so far

Inaugural Function of “IT Association”

On 15th November 2021, The BCA Department of Sharada college had organized the inaugural function of an IT association. Mr. Krishnaraj, Managing Director, DevAppSys IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Mangalore presided over the function and inaugurated the association. As a fresh start, the inaugural function included a Session that discussed Information Technology in which Mr. Krishnaraj shared his knowledge about getting into an IT company and ideology about different opportunities on IT, ideas about improving the students logical thinking, aptitude practical skills, seminars, and application of technology

IT Survey

On 24th and 30th December 2021, as a part of college activities, Students associated with the IT Association had conducted a Survey regarding the Technology that is used in remote area people. Students had the activity participated and collected information from different sources of people and made an analysis regarding how many of the peoples are using technology in the real world.