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Code of Conduct

  1. All the students of the college shall observe the rules and regulation stated in the college. Hand book and also those that maybe frame from time to time. The parents of students are also required to familiarize themselves with rules. Hence every student is deemed to have agreed to abide by the rules mentioned in the college Hand Book. Acts of misconduct, indiscipline, irregularity in attendance shall be strictly dealt with.
  2. Dress code: students are required to wear the college uniform on all the working days without fail.
  3. Ragging: Ragging of any kind in the college campus is strictly forbidden. Any incident of ragging will be strictly dealt with and the guilty will be rusticated from the college.
  4. Cell phone and Cameras: Carrying and use of cell phones and cameras in the class rooms, Laboratories, Library, reading room and in the college campus is strictly banned.
  5. Vehicles: Students are not permitted to bring vehicles to the college.
  6. Free hour & Lunch break: Students are not permitted to go outside the college campus during the free hour and lunch break.



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