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Extra-Curricular Activities
To facilitate cultural exposure and intellectual growth among the students the college carries out a variety of activities through the following Associations:

Student’s Union
An elected student body with representation from all classes, this forum grooms the students for leadership skills.

Fine Arts Association
A forum for art enthusiasts, this association gives opportunities for creative self expression through exposure to the fine arts like drawing, painting, craft, music ect as also the performing arts like dance and theatre. Reputed artists and exponents of the performing arts are often invited to guide the students through guest lectures.

National Service Scheme (N.S.S.)
The N.S.S. develops leadership qualities among the students and inculcates in them the value of service before self. It involves the students in community projects and nation building activities.

Wall Magazine
A publication edited and published entirely by the students, the Wall Magazine helps the students to exhibit their talents and hone their skills to perfection. Students who join the Wall Magazine Committee get extensive practical experience in applied journalism by researching, writing and presenting articles on various topics of interest to them.

Quiz Club
The Quiz Club functions with aim to enrich the knowledge and intellectual capabilities of the students. Regular inter – class quiz programmes motivate the students to keep abreast of recent developments in various fields and expand the boundaries of their knowledge.

PTA Association
Parent – Teacher Association of the college is a great source of strength to the college in improving the quality of its facilities and activities.


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